Thursday, 2 February 2012

Last 5 years what we lose and gain in Salboni

In my first blog I wanna share  what I have seen the changes at Salboni for last 5 years . It is totally my point of view ,

First of all , For last 5 years I found that all the playing grounds are now empty for the lack of players .I can clearly remember that in my student life I (we) didn't get  any playing ground or we were fighting ( kidding fighting ) for ground . Only 2 or 3 grounds were there and we were 6 or 7 teams , But now I have seen that all the young childs or school students are not interested in sports . Not only the students also youth or gen-X people , may be family pressure job pressure study bla bla bla  ..those are the reasons,but  before 5 years also all this things were present and yet we managed time for sports . This year is Swami VIVEKANANDA's 150 years birth anniversary , this famous person once said- " 2 hrs Gita porar theke Football khela bhalo ".

Secondly , I watched that number of cultural programs are reduced. Though few teams (clubs ) are yet active in this event. I wanna congratulate them for their positive steps . Personally I believe that this programs and competitions prepare the youth for future battle . We can find talented child throughout those competition . May be some one is not strong in study but may be he is much more talented than the 1st boy of his class in others field  (i.e - painting,singing,dancing etc ). It would be better if we (Salboni Rockers) manage a huge or big cultural event for the mental and personal grooming for the salbonis youth .

I have mentioned only two points here ,on my further blog I will share my other views after getting your response. 

By RuRu  


Here I posted only what We lose yours comment will be the Gain

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